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About Us

The Church Without Walls, is a national and non-denominational teaching and counseling-consulting and Christian Life Coaching ministry located in Chicago, Illinois.
The Church Without Walls seeks to provide practical applications and meaningful ministry through Christian education courses & classes, bible studies, teaching, preaching, as well as religious, social, family and personal topics, seminars and workshops and retreats.

To those who hunger and thirst after righteousness and the Word of God, The Church Without Walls is a source of hope, healing, health, deliverance and refuge through the teaching/feeding of God’s Word


The Teaching Ministry is centered and focused on helping individuals know God through his son Jesus Christ and the filling/leading of the Holy Spirit. The ministry teaches that God's works of creation and redemption are both crucial to the growth and the nurture of our faith and our mission is to tell others about Jesus Christ.   The teaching ministry is based on God's word that reveals His gospel, love, grace, mercy, truth and ultimate experience of redemption and salvation through the precious blood of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on Calvary's cross. Specific truths lay at the heart of His gospel that we teach which include -He is God who revealed Himself in Creation, His Word, His Holy Spirit, and most importantly in His Son, Jesus Christ, who died to saved us from our sins. To this end, attention and application are given to the reading, teaching, understanding, studying and applications of God's Holy Word. (2 Tim 4:13-15). The teaching ministry is demonstrated in part through our teaching Christian doctrine  1) sermons, literature, lesson plans, and teaching seminars  2)  national/international broadcast.


Our Mission     Our Message    Our Ministries


We preach Christ Jesus and Him crucified.

The Counseling-Consulting Ministry is provided through the anointing and enabling of the Holy Spirit and the use of our spiritual gifts to provide godly counseling-consultations for soul-care, spiritual support, personal insight, and direction to individuals and families. Through one-on-one consulting sessions, the use of support groups, seminars, workshops, training, appropriate referrals, and other assistance efforts through preventive and crisis-intervention approaches, the ministry seeks to achieve the goals of: sharing the "good news" with the spiritually troubled; bringing healing to the brokenhearted; and proclaiming freedom for those enslaved to ungodly, unscriptural, unspiritual and unhealthy emotions, attitudes, beliefs, values, behaviors. (Isa. 61:1-3a).   



Christian Life Coaching Ministry  Christian Life Coaching is the “art and practice of enabling individuals and groups to move from where they are to where they want and need to be in the Lord based on God’s word and the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit.”   Life coaching is not counseling or psychotherapy.  Counseling is usually short term and Psychotherapy is usually long term with intensity and both aim to help people to address or heal mental and psychological issues. They both often examine past events, typically centered on diagnosing a problem that to needs be addressed.  Christian Life Coaching involves no such diagnosis. In fact, Christian Life Coaches (based on God’s word and the leading of the Holy Spirit) see opportunities, problems, issues and  choices as means to enhance and improve life more abundantly. We focus on plans and efforts to help you with focus, clarity, achievement, accomplishment and progress. Christian Life Coaches shift the focus from “why” to “how.” How do we get you to boldly go where you have never gone before or have never been like as a person and to be all that you can  be and want to be as well as need to be.  Successful people hire coaches to bring them insight, extra push, become unstuck, regain their focus, and to establish accountability and proactive attitudes and behaviors that take them from good to great, from doing well to doing better. Empower your life today!