Church Without Walls Chicago

                                                                                     Sermons & Teaching Lessons 2019

Preach It Again          Jeremiah 36:23                                                                 Lay Down Your Whiskey Bottle

At The Name of Jesus                                                                                          It's Coming Up Again

The Second Adam                                                                                              What In Hell Do You Want?

I'm Going Back The Same Way I Came   Jeremiah 6:16                                I'm Gonna Tell It! The  Unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Blood of Jesus                                                                                                A Second Chance God

It Is What It Is                                                                                                       Orders From the Lord

A Letter From Hell       Luke 16:19-31                                                                The Secrets of A Blessed Life  Psalm 1

Damaged But Delivered  II Tim. 4:9-18                                                             The Hand That Rocked The Cradle

What Time Is It Ecclesiastes 3:1; Acts 26:28 Galatians 4:4                              They Would Not Bow

I Got To Tell The Lord Thank You (One More Time)  Psalm 105;136:11     

The Man In The Middle     Matt. 27:27-53;Luke 23;32-33                                  If Walls Could Talk (The Story of Hezekiah)

What In Hell Do You Want?   Luke 16:19-31

Tired of Living A Lie   John 8:44; James 3:8; Proverbs 12:22;

Your Faith Has To Stand Trial    Genesis  4: 1-14;Hebrews 9:13; 10:4

The Gospel of the Blood  Genesis  4: 1-14;Hebrews 9:13; 10:4

It’s Coming Up Again  Rev. 20: 12-16

Have You Got Religion?    James 1:22-27

He’s Coming Back Again  (Looking For the Lord’s Return) Acts 1: 6-11; Matthew 24:1-44

Look In The Book  Isaiah 34:16a

And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears From Their Eyes  Rev. L 21:14

The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away  Job 1:21

I Came To Praise The Lord   Psalm 118:16-24

God Is Doing A New Thing   Isaiah 43:19pe your paragraph here.